The Price Is Diamonds

So, I am just casually/incessantly browsing what my Pinterest feed has to offer me today and an infographic titled “10 Tips & Tricks on Buying Diamonds” catches my eye. I zoom in a little closer and I realize the real title is “10 Tips & Tricks on Buying Diamonds without breaking the Bank“; despite that little development I still go for it because I am willing to after the one-click commitment.

After a brief speed read, my initial reaction is a combination of DUH and WHAT in the world?

1 & 3. NO KIDDING diamonds further down the clarity and color scales from flawless and colorless are going to save you money. When was the last time you paid for Lisa Frank rainbows and unicorns? Stop it.


2. “Instead of buying a 1-carat diamond, try going for something with less weight, from .90 to .99” – Hold on, a 1-carat diamond is going to cost more than a diamond of lower weight?! So, I can’t have a 3+ carat for anywhere in the ballpark of a 1 carat? Who is this news to?? Beyonce doesn’t have a ring that looks like it could make you or break you in a hot second for no reason. It’s called money and the price is diamonds.

7. I am a phenomenal couponer and anyone who has shopped the green mile knows that coupons on DIAMOND WEBSITES are traffic drivers and that’s it. Foolish.

8. Everyone knows that loose diamonds are where it’s at. It’s called having options, and options have value.

9. “The shape of cluster diamonds makes it look like one large stone” – MAYBE FROM A MILE AWAY! “…and smaller diamonds are cheaper than an actual large diamond.” Thank you for the zero news. If there had been any LESS information in this little gem, there would have been a black hole on my monitor.

Thank you for the brilliant information, Brilliance.

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