Working hard or hardly working

Have a semi-critical deal I am working on. In an effort for its urgency to not be overlooked by the pending 4th of July holiday, I send out a note first thing this morning regarding the matter.


I will be out of the office ,Monday and Tuesday,July 2nd and 3rd. Our office will be closed for July 4th.   I will not have access to email or voicemail at that time.

Sometimes I honestly question what lies behind people’s motivations in business. I guess I operate under the assumption that everyone wants to make money, it is evident that is not correct for all.


A Play-Doh & Kool-Aid Marriage

Yesterday was filled with Play-Doh & Kool-Aid – we honestly just needed a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and a good mix of Wilson Phillips and Tiffany playing in the background and it would have been a child of the 80’s/90’s dreamboat.

I went over to my friend Kim’s house yesterday. Kim is my only friend with a child, she is a vegetarian, she loves Mexican food, she is super organized, she is crafty (even knows how to sew, y’all!) and loves the heck of Pinterest. I always leave her house thinking… dang, now that’s a good mom/wife right there! I should really start taking notes.

So her daughter’s FIRST birthday is next week and she is throwing what will be probably the most adorable, clever and sweet one-year old girl’s birthday party. I am sure there are going to be a plethora of awesome Pinterest pins she is putting her own spin on and I cannot wait. I also cannot wait because I got her daughter a CABBAGE PATCH KID (as raved about here)!

I have been asking her for a while what I can do to help for the big birthday, etc. and she so graciously is always like… nothing, just bring yourself, etc. BUT I FINALLY BROKE HER DOWN. Poor girl, I honestly think she made up an art project/activity to end my incessant begging, now that is a true friend. She invited me over to catch up over lunch and MAKE HOMEMADE PLAY-DOH. Thrilled to no end I snagged us some Rubio’s yesterday and headed over for what was probably the most exciting thing in all of June.

It was super easy. I mean absurdly so. I honestly almost wanted to make some when I got home since I knew I had everything in the kitch to do so, but then realized that my current uses for Play-Doh are zero.

The below recipe we used is from How Does She – I have seen a few different recipes calling for slightly different ratios, and I would stick to the tried & true one below – using more flour than the ratio below will likely be no bueno. We doubled and tripled the below recipe for colors she wanted more of and it came out perfect every time!


1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/4 cup salt

2 tsp. cream of tartar

1 TBSP. vegetable oil

Optional: Food coloring (for color) and/or kool-aid packets (for color AND scent)! <– We used a combination of both in each batch.

Directions: Keep in mind this is about a 5 minute process, not long at all. Combine all of the ingredients (including food coloring and/or kool-aid) in no particular order whatsoever into a pot over medium heat. Stir stir stir until it makes like dough and balls up and collects remnants from the sides of the bowl.

Once it’s a relatively cohesive chunk of homemade Play-Doh love, take it off of the heat! Do it quick so that the Play-Doh remnants in the pot don’t sizzle and then plop the pile of love onto a vessel of your choice (if you are using food coloring I’d suggest against white items just in case…) – wait for it to cool and knead it a few times around and pop it into some reusable containers for storage or gifts! Kim made the sweetest little labels and adhered them to Gladware as favors for the party [pics below].


Fruit Punch smelled the best – but note that the actual color is a dark shade of blue, so prepare for that if you are going to use it and have a color preference [for example we got color happy trying to change it and it turned a reddish brown… oops!].

Kiwi Strawberry smelled RIDICULOUSLY good! It totally smelled just like that vintage Hello Kitty gum of GREATNESS! You know what I am talking about.

Cherry smelled good. Like third good.

Orange & Lemon both sort of smelled like cleaning solutions, I’d skip out on those.

Grape I personally despise grape flavoring so for me this is an auto no, but I am willing to admit that it is a personal preference thing and maybe it’s not horrible. Maybe.


CRAIGSLIST is honestly a gold mine of unexpected and great entertainment. Today it provided one of those gems.

This person thinks their paella (that won 2nd place two years ago) is worth an engagement ring.

I can just imagine the exchange … paella guy shows up to a dinner party of sorts with all of his paella ingredients and his runner up ribbon pinned onto his shirt all hopping up and down in excitement that he’s going to barter his paella and then go put a ring on it?!?!

Plus the amount of peas in this picture of his paella are ungodly. What are you doing? It really looks like paella with an Atkins circa 1999 amount of bell peppers and a HEAVY HANDED garnish of peas. It’s just too many peas. Too many.


NEWSFLASH: Cabbage Patch Kids are still on the assembly line! If this is not news to you… consider yourself a step ahead . Me on the other hand… I had no idea these were still in production and the thrill right at this very moment is endless.

Anyways, I came upon this amazing gem of information because my gal pal Kim has the most adorable almost-one-year-0ld daughter. My standard policy is to not comment on the adorability of someone’s offspring because 1. I could care less and 2. It’s usually some form of hideous or screaming and I do not enjoy either of those blows to the senses. Well this is one of the rare exceptions to date as this child melts hearts worldwide.

With that being said, this is the one and only baby birthday party I will be attending all year, and since the guest of honor is kind of a big deal, I needed a worthy gift.

Me:  Can you register for gifts for Kelly for her bday? I don’t know what’s popping in the 1 year old world these days!

Kim: Baby Dolls – cabbage patch dolls, anything with blinking eyes, etc..

Me: OMFG CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this little e-mail exchange happens I am simultaneously hopping onto the Cabbage Patch Kids website and trying to push back my pending conference call by an hour due to unforeseen circumstances.

Long story short, I ended up settling on this CPK full of win in a grey and white outfit.

and honestly, just like a human, she looks better in person:

I don’t recall if you could pick out their name and/or birthdates back in the day, but you can now! Thank god because this one had a lame name and a birthday that did not coincide well with my annual schedule (assuming we will be having birthday tea parties and such). It’s going to trump this gift for her 2nd birthday, but I’m sure that’s nothing a Trapper Keeper and My Little Pony can’t fix!

The Price Is Diamonds

So, I am just casually/incessantly browsing what my Pinterest feed has to offer me today and an infographic titled “10 Tips & Tricks on Buying Diamonds” catches my eye. I zoom in a little closer and I realize the real title is “10 Tips & Tricks on Buying Diamonds without breaking the Bank“; despite that little development I still go for it because I am willing to after the one-click commitment.

After a brief speed read, my initial reaction is a combination of DUH and WHAT in the world?

1 & 3. NO KIDDING diamonds further down the clarity and color scales from flawless and colorless are going to save you money. When was the last time you paid for Lisa Frank rainbows and unicorns? Stop it.


2. “Instead of buying a 1-carat diamond, try going for something with less weight, from .90 to .99” – Hold on, a 1-carat diamond is going to cost more than a diamond of lower weight?! So, I can’t have a 3+ carat for anywhere in the ballpark of a 1 carat? Who is this news to?? Beyonce doesn’t have a ring that looks like it could make you or break you in a hot second for no reason. It’s called money and the price is diamonds.

7. I am a phenomenal couponer and anyone who has shopped the green mile knows that coupons on DIAMOND WEBSITES are traffic drivers and that’s it. Foolish.

8. Everyone knows that loose diamonds are where it’s at. It’s called having options, and options have value.

9. “The shape of cluster diamonds makes it look like one large stone” – MAYBE FROM A MILE AWAY! “…and smaller diamonds are cheaper than an actual large diamond.” Thank you for the zero news. If there had been any LESS information in this little gem, there would have been a black hole on my monitor.

Thank you for the brilliant information, Brilliance.

Grey and White