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NEWSFLASH: Cabbage Patch Kids are still on the assembly line! If this is not news to you… consider yourself a step ahead . Me on the other hand… I had no idea these were still in production and the thrill right at this very moment is endless.

Anyways, I came upon this amazing gem of information because my gal pal Kim has the most adorable almost-one-year-0ld daughter. My standard policy is to not comment on the adorability of someone’s offspring because 1. I could care less and 2. It’s usually some form of hideous or screaming and I do not enjoy either of those blows to the senses. Well this is one of the rare exceptions to date as this child melts hearts worldwide.

With that being said, this is the one and only baby birthday party I will be attending all year, and since the guest of honor is kind of a big deal, I needed a worthy gift.

Me:  Can you register for gifts for Kelly for her bday? I don’t know what’s popping in the 1 year old world these days!

Kim: Baby Dolls – cabbage patch dolls, anything with blinking eyes, etc..

Me: OMFG CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After this little e-mail exchange happens I am simultaneously hopping onto the Cabbage Patch Kids website and trying to push back my pending conference call by an hour due to unforeseen circumstances.

Long story short, I ended up settling on this CPK full of win in a grey and white outfit.

and honestly, just like a human, she looks better in person:

I don’t recall if you could pick out their name and/or birthdates back in the day, but you can now! Thank god because this one had a lame name and a birthday that did not coincide well with my annual schedule (assuming we will be having birthday tea parties and such). It’s going to trump this gift for her 2nd birthday, but I’m sure that’s nothing a Trapper Keeper and My Little Pony can’t fix!